DC Cinematic Universe

Airing this week on our podcast, we discuss the ins and outs of the DC Cinematic Universe! 1. Discussions about the DC Cinematic Universe and TV series (00:00:00 - 00:15:00) The conversation begins with a discussion on the DC Cinematic Universe. In particular, they talk about the Ezra Miller Flash movie, James Gunn's Suicide Squad, and aspects of the script that they enjoy or dislike. 2. Debate on characterization and depiction of DC characters (00:15:01 - 00:30:00) The focus turns to the characterization and depiction of DC characters in movies, TV series, and even in the comic book source material. The trio shares their varying opinions on different versions of the characters, such as Superman and Batman and their roles in the Snyderverse. 3. Nostalgia, the evolution of superheroes, and a recap of older movies (00:30:01 - 00:45:00) Reminiscent thoughts are shared about an older generation of superhero movies. They also discuss how the perception and presentation of superheroes have evolved over the years. They touch on their fond memories of Michael Keaton playing Batman, as well as other iconic portrayals. 4. Critique on DC’s handling of their universe creation (00:45:01 - 01:00:00) They critique DC's approach and struggles in creating an interconnected cinematic universe. They argue that DC falls short in understanding its characters and how to best translate the essence of these characters onto the big screen. 5. The prospect of a new DC Universe by James Gunn (01:00:01 - 01:15:00) They discuss their hopes and expectations for James Gunn's DC Universe. They express a desire for a clean slate, accurate characterization, and cohesive storytelling that stays true to the source material. 6. Other movie discussions and diversions (01:15:01 - 01:30:00) They diverge momentarily from the main topic, discussing other films and series. They bring up movies and shows like the Fantastic Four, the most recent Hellboy, as well as the Doom Patrol series. 7. Reflections on the Snyderverse and expectations for DC’s future (01:30:01 - end) Towards the end, they reflect on their thoughts about the Snyderverse and how it affected their interpretation of DC characters. They conclude with expressing their hopes for a better understanding and portrayal of DC characters in future movies and series.